Attractive - Economical - Ecofriendly

Ankit Packaging offers a choice of laminates and pouches for optimum brand enhancement functional value. We give you wide choice of plain or printed laminates and films to suit the protection and marketing requirements of your product. Laminates are made in various combinations of Polyester/BOPP/Foil/Poly films etc., to suit your product and are manufactured using a combination of wet/dry/extrusion lamination process to achieve optimum results at most economical costs.

We provide gravure printing upto 6 colours. In – house facilities offer 3-layer co-extruded films and inks, assure quality and add to economies. The Laminates can be supplied in reel form for use on    FFS machine or covered into pouches, Centre-seal / 3-side seal / stand – up speciality pouches with handles etc.

Extrusion coating of poly on paper, Kraft or polyester, Aluminium foil can be done at our advanced facility-in-house. Sandwich laminates can also be made.


  • Attractive gravure printing for marketing value addition.
  • Lamination. More economical ** tin/bottle or rigid plastic pack. And more versatile.
  • In – house 3 layer films, Inks.
  • Hygienic
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Ease of transportation
  • Compact packing
  • Less air entraption, hence longer shelf life.


  • For FFS Machine or Flow-Wrapping or Pack Pouches for Tea, Coffee, Snacks, Gutkha etc.


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