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The success of consumer brands is aided to large extent by packaging that not just protects but displays the contents in the most aesthetic manner possible.  3 - layer co-extruded poly films made by Ankit Packaging offer many advantages for Packaging foodstuffs like edible oil, ghee, milk products, snacks, atta, salt, detergents, diapers etc.

The co-extrusion process enables manufacture of 3 layer films using a combination of LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE/ULDPE/Surlyn/Primacor.

The selection of layers is made to offer protection against atmospheric conditions, the rough and tumble of mechanical handling, required shelf-life and the need to be used on automatic Packaging equipment. Since all layers are extruded in a single operation, low quages at very low cost are achieved as compared to adhesive laminates. Further, area achieved laminates. Further, a 3-layre film even if made of same resin in all 3 layers gives much higher barrier compared to a monolayer film.


  • Excellent brand appeal & value
  • Choice of visibility where necessary as in edible oil, atta, cheese, butter, milk, beverages, meat products
  • Preserves natural aroma of food stuffs etc.,
  • Packaging on form-fill machine
  • Hygienic / food grade
  • More economical than tin & bottle packaging
  • Reduced storage space on account of their flexibility
  • Supported by 7 colour gravure machine
  • Suitable for liquid, semi-solid and solid products
  • Heat sealable.
  • Recyclable in most cases and hence ecofriendly.
  • Reduces weight of packed products and hence saves an material and energy.
  • Applications


  • Edibles oils, lube & motor oils, fruit juices, shampoo, toiletries, milk.


  • Spray-dried milk powder, baby food, pet foods, nuts, dry fruits, spices, pickles.
  • Fresh meat, frozen meat products, marine products, soap/detergent powder, coffee/tea, pharmaceutical products, snacks etc.,


  • Used as the reality and barrier larger along with foil/ polyester film/ BOPP film/ paper in flexible Laminates.
  • Garbage bags.
  • Tarpanlins.
  • Canal Lining.


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